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The Perfect Specimens for Your Lab

Your work requires preciseness so that the results are as accurate as possible. To help you do a better job, Innova Lab Supplies brings you the highest quality products available. We have everything you need to properly equip your lab and to make your testing easier to perform.

Auto Analyzer Tubes
Specimen Cup

Auto Analyzer Cups/Cuvettes

Protect your samples before and during analysis with durable products from our inventory. We offer a wide variety of analyzer cups, tubes, and cuvettes. Most are made in polystyrene for optical clarity. Find the analyzer cups and cuvettes you need from our list of products.

Inoculation Loops and Needles

Efficiently transfer microbes from one petri dish to another with our inoculation loops and needles. We offer a large variety of these laboratory tools in polystyrene that is color-coded by loop capacity. Custom packaging is also available for an additional charge. See our extensive list of inoculation loops and needles.

Specimen Cups

You will never worry about wasting a specimen again when you use our beaker-style and 5-ounce specimen cups with lids. Our cups are produced in clarified polypropylene with graduations so that you can see exact measurements. Temperature strips can be added to the products if needed. Click here to see our complete list of specimen cups.